Integrated Healthcare in Burlington

Dr. Currie and the team at Pearl Dental would like to wish our patients, Lori and Laurent Pinci, the best of luck in their new venture.

Lori and Laurent will soon be opening a multi disciplinary wellness centre in Burlington called Pillars of Wellness offering alternative and integrated healthcare services.
We’re certain the new facility will be a resounding success and fill a much needed healthcare niche for Burlington residents.
You can find out more about the services to be offered at:

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5 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Their Dental Visit

It’s important to get your kids excited about their trips to the dentist so that when they grow into teenagers and adults, they won’t be holding on to any fear or negative associations with dental visits. Cultivating this excitement while children are young requires only a little extra effort on your part, and the benefits will last a lifetime.

Getting Your Kids Excited About The Dentist

  1. Do Something Fun After the Dentist Appointment. A child is likely to feel a lot more excitement about going to the dentist if he or she knows that something fun and exciting is going to…

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2 Options For Sedation Dentistry

For many people, the thought of having to go to the dentist can immediately provoke feelings of fear and anxiety. In fact, these negative reactions may be so strong that some people may even have dental phobia, a condition that is even more severe than dental anxiety.

Options For Sedation Dentistry

Even those with more mild forms of anxiety and fear surrounding the dentist can cause people to avoid going there. However, it is a self-perpetuating system: avoiding the dentist will often lead to dental problems, which causes even more fear and anxiety.

Regular dental appointments, at least twice a year, will ensure that your teeth and…

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Can Smoking Be The Root Cause For Bleeding Gums?

Bleeding gums mainly occur when plaque has not been properly removed from your teeth, which is due to poor oral hygiene habits, including a lack of brushing and flossing. If plaque is not removed, it causes the gums to recede from your teeth. Plaque also contains bacteria which then begins to attack the tissue around your teeth. This can lead to gingivitis, the symptoms of which include inflammation of the gums and bleeding gums.

 Bleeding Gums Caused By Smoking

However, if left untreated, gingivitis can turn into periodontal (gum) disease. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection, which destroys the soft…

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What To Do With A Child’s Loose Tooth

The transition from baby teeth to permanent teeth is often a big occasion in a child’s life. Some children get excited at the prospect of losing their teeth, but for others it can be a scary experience. As a parent you might be tempted to help the process along by simply pulling it out. But extracting a loose tooth prematurely can actually do more harm than good. In addition to causing unnecessary pain to the child, there will be an increased risk of infection and bleeding. Most dentists would recommend that a child’s loose tooth should be allowed to fall naturally.

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8 Foods To Avoid If You Want To Keep Your Teeth White

We all love to have white teeth–that’s why we visit the dentist and buy white strips. But if you don’t watch what you eat, your efforts to keep your teeth pearly white might be in vain. There are certain foods that you should avoid in order to keep your teeth healthy, clean and white.

Foods To Avoid For Keeping Teeth White

Potato Chips

Potato chips are a popular choice of snack, and while they may make your taste buds happy, they do not help your teeth. Chips contain starch and this is bad news for the enamel in your teeth if it is…

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Which Is The Better Option: Crowns Or Fillings?

Most dental patients are familiar with what fillings are, and how they can be used to preserve a decayed tooth. But what are crowns? When do you need one? And why not just place a filling instead of a crown? These are common questions and in this blog post we’ll explain why your dentist may have recommended placing a crown on your tooth rather than a filling.

Crowns VS. Fillings

Crown or Filling? That is the Question

When a tooth has become decayed to the point where dental intervention is necessary, there are a several ways to go about fixing the problem. The amount of lost tooth structure…

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What’s The Right Age To Bring My Baby To The Dentist?

New parents often wonder when they should start bringing their child to the dentist.To ensure your little one’s oral health is in top-notch shape, it is a good idea to get them started early. What age is best though? Many dentists agree that moms and dads should schedule their child’s first appointment by the time they turn one. This visit does not necessarily have to be scheduled separately, nor does professional tooth cleaning or x-rays have to be performed.


The appointment can often be performed at the end of a parent’s regularly scheduled cleaning appointment and takes only a few moments. The dentist is looking to see if there are…

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“I Want To Take Out All Of My Teeth!”

“I want to take out all of my teeth!” It is not uncommon for patients to present at the dental office who want to remove all of their teeth. Sometimes the motivation is their never ending need for dental treatment, sometimes the perception is that this will be most cost effective option, sometimes they heard from someone who wears dentures that dentures are great. Another common motivator for removing all of the teeth is the desire to have a nice smile, or in other cases to be free from pain. In this blog update we’ll explore some of the risks of removing all of your teeth and some of the alternatives to dentures.

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3 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist

Many people not only dread trips to the dentist, they even fear their teeth-cleaning appointments.Unfortunately this can lead to dental avoidance. Delaying a visit to the dentist can make minor dental problems much more severe, resulting in greater cost and a poorer outcome. Ironically, the fear of attending for a check-up with the dentist and hygienist can lead to even more invasive treatment later and a worsening of the overall dental anxiety level. Consider some of the techniques and treatment options available to finally get you through the door and into your hygienist’s chair.

Overcoming Fear Of Dentist

Ending Your Fear of The Dentist Once And For…

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