One of the most common questions in relation to dental implant treatment is: "How much do dental implants cost? ". Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to that question. The range of dental implant treatment solutions is as varied as the many wonderful individuals we meet daily at Pearl Dental and thus there is no one universal cost. However, the following list of questions will be a very useful resource in determining the factors influencing the cost of your implant treatment.

Does the quoted cost include the tooth/teeth?

At the end of the day, dental implant therapy is about restoring lost teeth. A quotation to place a dental implant without including the cost to place a tooth/teeth on the implant/s is not particularly helpful.

Does the cost estimate include laboratory charges?

Again, since the end goal of dental implant treatment is tooth replacement, it is necessary to use a dental lab to custom fabricate your prosthetic. It is important to determine if the quoted cost includes this laboratory fee or if there may be some variation in the fee if estimated in advance.

Which implant system will be used?

There are literally hundreds of different companies manufacturing dental implants for use in North America. Some of the more obscure companies sell their implants at heavily discounted prices, leading to a lower cost for you the patient. The concern with these lower cost implants is whether those companies will still be around in years to come if your dental implants need parts replaced. The cost savings now may lead to higher maintenance costs later.

What material are the teeth made of?

Teeth on dental implants can be fabricated from zirconia, cast metal and porcelain, all acrylic, or milled titanium with acrylic overlays. Be sure to discuss the options with your dentist and the differences in costs.

Are there payment plans available?

This is probably the second most common question we hear after the 'cost of dental implants' question. At Pearl Dental we do offer payment plans for dental implants to qualified candidates.

What if there are complications? Does the fee cover that?

As with any surgical intervention, unforeseen circumstances can arise. Most surgical or prosthetic complications can be easily corrected. However, it is important to determine in advance if the cost of dealing with complications is included with your cost of dental implant treatment estimate or if additional fees would apply.

Are dental Implants covered by dental insurance?

In the Burlington, Hamilton, and Oakville region we have encountered several insurers that will pay for a component of dental implant treatment. Unfortunately, the majority of dental insurance plans do not reimburse for dental implant costs. To find out if your plan covers dental implant treatment call Pearl dental today.

Does the cost of dental implants in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton differ much from the cost of dental Implants elsewhere in the GTA?

Fees for most dental procedures are fairly uniform across Ontario. Some overseas providers do advertise remarkably reduced costs for dental implants, but these low costs should be considered in the context of the limited accessibility to follow up care.

If you live in the Burlington, Oakville or Hamilton area and would like additional information regarding the cost of dental implant therapy, please contact Pearl Dental at 905-637-1698. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and to discuss custom solutions available to you.

If you would like to learn more about the dental implant procedures offered at Pearl Dental, please visit our dental implant pages.