Dental Implant Treatment in Burlington

If you live in Burlington and are searching for dental implant solutions, Pearl Dental can help. We focus on custom solutions for missing teeth, loose dentures, and replacement teeth with dental implants.

We see patients on a daily basis with loose bottom dentures, and upper dentures,which are falling down when speaking or eating. We also hear from patients who maintain their own teeth, but have been told their teeth should be removed. Many of these individuals don't want to wear dentures, and they are seeking alternative solutions.

We are fortunate to have so many capable denturists and dentists in Burlington region who can provide denture and implant treatment. Simpler solutions such as overdentures (dentures which snap-on to as few a two implants) are widely available and can dramatically improve the function of dentures. Unfortunately, more advanced dental implant treatments, such as fixed permanent dentures,or immediate dental implants which allow for new teeth in one day using the All-on-4 approach are less widely available in Burlington.

At Pearl Dental, we focus on the All-on-4 procedure, and it is particularly appealing to those who are losing their teeth. This is because it allows for a seamless transition from your teeth, to a new set of permanent implant teeth in one day.

If you live in Burlington and are considering dental implant treatment to replace missing teeth, to secure loose dentures, or you've heard about All-on-4 (the 'new teeth in one day' procedure) and would like to learn more, call Pearl Dental today. We can be reached at 905-637-1698, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.