New Teeth In One Day (Dental Implant) In Oakville

At Pearl Dental, our patients frequently tell us stories about their problems with dentures.

Often they were given a partial denture in their earlier years, when they were only missing a few teeth, and later received a full denture when all their teeth were lost. In many instances, the problems with bottom dentures become apparent almost immediately: lower dentures are constantly moving around with the movement of the tongue. Full upper dentures can start dropping down later in life as the jaw bone slowly resorbs away.

Occasionally, we will hear from patients who know that they are losing their teeth and don't want to wear dentures, having heard of denture problems from older relatives or friends. Luckily dental Implant treatment can solve many denture related problems. If you have been searching for an implant surgeon in Oakville, or if you live in the Oakville area and have started researching dental implant solutions, we can definitely help.

At Pearl Dental, we're pleased to offer same day permanent fixed teeth on dental implants, also known as All-on-4 or 'New Teeth in a Day'. The All-on4 treatment is popular with denture wearers, but it's especially appealing to those who are losing their teeth and do not want to experience life with removable teeth.

There are many excellent dentists and denturists in Oakville who can fabricate dentures, but all will readily inform you about the problems with even the most expertly fabricated dentures. While simple denture and implant solutions are widely available (such as overdentures), more permanent dental implant solutions to replace your teeth, or denture, are less widely available.

If you live in the Oakville area and are interested in dental implant treatment for dentures, such as 'snap on' overdentures, or the All-on-4 procedure to provide permanent fixed teeth in one day, then make the short drive to Pearl Dental to find out what solution is right for you. Alternatively, please give us a call at 905-637-1698 to schedule a consultation, or to review any questions you may have.