Whilst regular preventative care can reduce the need for dental treatment, many individuals avoid these visits due to fear and anxiety. Skipping routine dental care can lead to more complex dental problems, worsening the fear and anxiety, and further dental avoidance.

If you have avoided visiting the dentist due to fear or anxiety Sedation Dentistry is the solution. With sedative agents such as Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedative medications we can help even the most fearful patients get the treatment they need without the worry. Many anxious patients would like to be asleep for dentistry and have no recollection of any of their treatment. We hear daily requests to: 'be put out for dental treatment' or 'be asleep for the dental visit'. If you are afraid of the dentist, read on to find out more about solutions that are available.

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly referred to as 'laughing gas', Nitrous Oxide is a very mild relaxant. Nitrous Oxide has the advantage that there are no lingering after effects and you are free to continue with the rest of your day - even drive yourself home from the dental office. Laughing gas induces a mild relaxant effect by inhaling a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen through a nosepiece, and is particularly well suited to shorter appointments or for children.

Oral Sedation

For longer appointments, or those who are extremely anxious, oral sedative agents can be particularly helpful. An appointment for treatment under oral sedation begins in our dedicated sedation room where the medication is administered one hour before the appointment begins. This provides ample time for the sedative effects to take effect. The sedative effects are profound enough that even extremely anxious patients can be successfully treated with oral sedation, however, it is important to plan no further activities for the remainder of the day and have someone available to drive you home and accompany you after the appointment.

If you have ever wanted to sleep through your dental care, or have avoided dental treatment because you are nervous about dental visits, call Pearl Dental today at 905 637 1698 to find out more about dentistry with sedation.